Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[Round 1] Blog Awards

Hey everyone! I am pleased to announce my very first Blog Awarding event. This is to show my appreciation to those people who continuously giving their love and support to my blog these past two months since I started blogging. Alright, without further ado, here is the award button and the list of people who will be getting this award.

The simple Rules:
1. Download or Copy and Paste the image above and put it in your blog/site.
2. Don't forget to thank the award giver ^^
3. You could also create a post regarding this award (optional)

This Cool Blog award goes to the following cool peeps.

:+: AA-Chan :+:
Aileen :+:
:+: Alena :+:
:+: Arvin :+:
:+: Chester :+:
:+: Chloe :+:
:+: Eiji :+:
:+: Grace :+:
:+: Lei :+:
:+: Nagi :+:
:+: Nyny :+:
:+: Pink Note :+:
:+: Reigun :+:

Don't fret out if you didn't see your name here. There will be another round of blog awarding from me on the days to come. So stay put ok ^_^


  1. Thanks Fiel-Kun! posted a thank you note for you in my blog! =)

  2. Nice kasama ko kahit medyo nagiging inactive na ko.

    Thank you fiel!!! :) Ill blog it later. :) Take care!!!

  3. ....Thank u!!!!Thank u!!!!Thank u!!!!
    ,,Xa uulitin ^^

  4. whoa, this is super!uber salamats tsong, apir!

  5. Thanks Fiel!! This is a first for me.. So it's a bit special.

  6. Oh thank you fiel-kun, that's so nice of you. I'll put it in my About Page.

  7. thank fiel! ^_^ -hug- will post this soon on my next entry

  8. fiel-kun!!! thank you for this award >3 and hehehe i love the music~ dancing in summer paradise...saranghae hi ya ya ya~ tvfxq rules >3