Friday, September 25, 2009

Randomness [1]

Busy, busy, busy...

Well what's up with me? Seems like I've been absent in the blogging world for several days. So sorry about that. I was just a bit busy doing my Moderator job at this Harry Potter forum called Great Hall (GH). Not many of you know that I am also a huge Harry Potter fan since 2001. I have read all the seven book series and seen the six previous movies as well.

Ok, back to me as being a forum Moderator. Some of you might think that it's just an easy job. You just have to move, delete or edit threads and stuffs like that. You're quite wrong there lolz. Because we have this special board feature where each members can earn points by participating in various lessons and challenges prepared by the Mods. The forums is also divided into four wizarding houses. There is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. This is exactly the same with the stuffs going on in the real Harry Potter novel. This also an additional excitement on the boards. Each newly registered members were sorted randomly to their own designated houses. The points they earned will go directly to the House Cup points system of the boards. And that's where we (Mods) enter the scene and tally all the points accumulated by each members and make sure all the calculations are done accurately. The awarding of the House Cup is done yearly or every first month of the year. I am a Gryffindor Mod (Prefect) and Gryffindor House is my main field of moderation. ^_^

Thank you...
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank "Ate Honeylou" (honfabulous) from the Abs-Cbn Interactive forums for the really big favor she did for me. She sent me this really nice copy of the "Boys Over Flowers Official Photobook" a couple of weeks ago. I already thanked her so many times at the forums and I feel like it wasn't enough. So I am here doing this special thank you post for her. Komamoyo honfabulous noona! I really appreciated it and I am so thankful to have a special "chingu" like you ^_^ Here are some of the screenshot of the photobook I took using a webcam (sorry, the quality of the image wasn't that good >_<)
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  1. Wow, how nice of her! It looks good.
    Are you a big Boys Over Flowers fan then?

  2. I love Harry Potter too! I am a huge fan! I can still remember when the official website was casting for the role of Harry Potter LOL! That's so cool though~ I was a moderator for TVfXQforever forums a couple of years ago and >< it was a hard job! Good luck!

  3. sorry for the late reply guys...

    @nyny - well I consider myself a fan hehe ^_^

    @chloe - thanks~