Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dissidia: Final Fantasy / Charity / Goo Hye Sun

+ Dissidia: Final Fantasy +

At last my long-time dream of having a game where all the Final Fantasy characters (both antagonists and protagonists) joins together in one game where they "brawl" against each other in an awesome three dimensional field map has finally fulfilled by this newly released game by one of my favorite game developer - Square-Enix, entitled Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP game console. Woohoo! I was like screaming mad when I first saw this on the net several days ago. For a fan of the Final Fantasy series like me, this is one hell of a game that I shouldn't missed. Although, I still don't own a PSP yet, it is really good to know that Square-Enix never stops creating an awesome game like this one.

:+: About the Game :+:

Publisher/Developer: Square Enix
Artists: Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshitaka Amano
Composer: Takeharu Ishimoto
Series: Final Fantasy
Platform: Playstation Portable
Release Date: August 2009
Genre: Action Role Playing Game / Fighting Game
Mode: Single Player / Two-Players

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+ Do a bit of Charity ^_^ +

I found this website and they get donations from their sponsors based upon the number of clicks they get. There are 6 tabs and a button that says click to give on each of the tabs. We'd be helping the following: Hunger; Breast Cancer; Child Health; Literacy; Rain Forest; and Animal Rescue. I think it could be a good idea. I mean it is only 6 clicks.

Here is the example screenshot: (image clickable)

You can do your six clicks on a daily basis.
It would only take a minute or two of your time. So please give! ^_^

+ Goo Hye-sun’s debut single “Around the Alley” +

Can the cute actress really sing?
Goo Hye-sun (a.k.a. Jan-di from popular drama “Boys Over Flowers“ and one of my favorite Korean actress) was set to release her debut album “Breath” with YG Entertainment on September 4th. The album will consist of eight songs: seven are instrumental and one features singer Gummy’s vocals. Yup, it’s a musical album Goo Hye-Sun’s composed.

A day before the release of the entire album, YG has released the title track to her album. “Around the Alley” is an immenssely sad song and, despite sounding like she’s about to burst into tears, Gummy sings the piece excellently.


  1. hye sun didn't sing a single song in her album.... She only composed the pieces, asked a Japanese pianist to play it for her, and asked Gummy to sing in Around the Alley (Vocal version).

    It's a piano album..

  2. Hey there Lei ^_^
    Thanks for commenting. Haha, that's why there's a tag line on my post saying "Can the cute actress really sing?" :)

    It's too bad she didn't sang a single song to her album though (knowing she's a good singer too ^_^) anyways, am still on the look out for it.

  3. I think she can sing... I mean, YG initially thought of debuting hye-sun as a singer..

  4. Wow! sabihin ko kagad sa pinsan ko bout Dissidia. Addict yun dti e. Nilaro lahat ng final fantasy.

    Sa charity naman, totoo kaya yun bro......

    Siguro di marunong kumanta si Goo hye sun. Kasi kung marunong siya bakit di nalang siya yung kumunta ng ni-compose niya. LOL.
    Speaking, ang ganda niya pala pag long hair.

  5. @Lei - yeah GHS can sing. If you saw one of the BOF episodes i think its epi 16 - where she sang a Birthday song for Jun Pyo. She actually has a really good voice. ^_^

    @Grace - Adik din pala pinsan mo sa FF! ako din ahaha. Yung sa charity, yup totoo siya at free lang naman yung clicks - walang bayad ^_^ kaya tulong na! About naman kay Goo Hye Sun, she can sing talaga. Di siya ganun ka active na singer sa Korea pero she can sing like what I said above kay Lei. Yep, ganda nya pag mahaba buhok kaka inlove hehe :)

  6. haha. adik talaga. uhm. okay fiel. :) nainlove ka naman. hehe.

  7. I haven't heard of that Final Fantasy game and if I do have a PSP *waits for a bargain price >_>*, I will get that too! I love Final Fantasy! Hahaha! I remember the big poster in LA when I went to Anime Expo last July....Final Fantasy XIII posters hanging off the side of the building! I wanna steal it! LOL! But they are too big for me to bring with me in the airplane back to illinois hahahaha! So i just took pictures of it! >3

    I didn't know Hye Sun has songs? Though I admit she is a versatile one...i think she also wrote a book or something before?

  8. Hi Fiel, I haven't thought yet what to wear for the company event this coming sunday. I'm tempted actually to cosplay a rock n roll character. XD But I might look OP.

  9. I can't afford to get another FF game because I'm still trying to complete FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII.

  10. @chloe - yay another FF fan ^_^ If I were you I will snatch that huge FF poster right away haha. I am also looking forward on getting FF Dissidia game. *fingers crossed* XD

    @Nagi - So how's your cosplaying event in your company? Did it turned out good?

    @Nyny - I already completed FFX with complete Aeons. About their final weapons I only got Yuna's Nirvana staff lols