About Me

Blog Owner: Fiel (pronounced as "fee-yel")

Location: San Mateo, Rizal PHILIPPINES

Studied at:  Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Blogging Since: I made my first blog on 2004 - I was busy with my studies way back then so it was left alone to collect dusts.  Then I came back to blogging on 2006.  I became active for over a year then I went again on a long hiatus.  And on July of 2009, I suddenly felt the spark to continue writing once again and here I am!

Blog Field of Interest: I write mostly anything under the sun!

What are my hobbies?  Well, aside from being an internet freak for the longest time now (yeah I know, I spend most of my time in front of the computer surfing the net and playing online games) I also love biking whenever I have time to do so, watching tv and listening to music.  I also love reading books and playing online/console video games.

Favorite Quote:  Believe what you believe, work hard to achieve, focus yourself and you will receive.


  1. dito muna ko mag comment kase kailangan ko ng mahabang oras para magbasa dun sa post =)

    first time ko yata dito or kung nadalaw man ako dati parang nakalimutan kona. =)

    ayun, kakaway lang!! Magandang Araw Fiel!

  2. ngayon ko lang ito nabasa .. meron ka rin palang about you na page .. hehe .. nagaaral ka pa lang pala .. marami ka pang mararting .. at salamat pala sa pakikipagkaibigan sa akin dito sa mundo ng mga bloggero .. keep writing .. hanga ako sayo :)

  3. Come and join =)


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