Friday, January 29, 2010


     As Christians, we need to communicate with the almighty God so we can always feel close to Him. And by what means can we effectively communicate with Him? By prayer, of course.
     A prayer keeps us in touch with God. Through this, we can get to tell Him our sorrows and joys. We can look up at the sky each morning and whisper to Him: "God, keep an eye to me all throughout this day." We can never feel detached from Him as long as we are praying. It's our hotline to heaven.
     A prayer welcomes miracles. It can turn the bad things to good ones. It can heal the sick. It can provide us financial support. It can solve the most complicated problem of a person. Whenever we pray we lift up our burdens to God, and He makes them lighter for us.
     A prayer intensifies our faith. Praying constantly reminds us that God is always there and He listens to our prayers.
     A prayer isn't always about asking God for this, for that. More importantly, it is a means of paying homage to Him, giving thanks to His bounty blessings and asking fervently for forgiveness. If one prays in such a way that he just keeps on asking favors and material possessions, then his isn't a prayer but a demand.

My fellow Bloggers, pray. It works.


  1. narealize ko..sobrang tagal pala nung huli akong makipagusap sa Kanya..haayyy..

  2. i agree..prayer is something we should attach in our life. I'm glad i was able to do that everyday,,most of the time I talk to God in my prayers..coz his the only best friend you can always lean on no matter what happens to your life..

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  3. napatunayan ko ang power ng prayers this week. something that you should never under-estimate.....

  4. Totoo yan! sa tuwing kailangan ko, that's the only thing i'm holding on... naks! jejejejeje

  5. T_T tama ang sinabi mu..ilusyon ga lang ang lahat..hehe..glad you felt the poem i made..:)
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  6. ang taong may pananalig sa diyos ay may takot talaga sa diyos..hindi gumagawa ng mga karahasan sa kapwa..nasa diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa..

  7. Nkakaguilty lng minsan kasi panay n lng ako hingi ng hingi sa Kanya...huhuhu...

  8. Wow, atleast we did our tasks to call him everyday, saying thank you God and letting him know how lucky are we to receive His glory and honor. Thank you..

  9. prayer...
    daig pa ang lahat ng bagay na maiibigay mo sa isang tao.
    in everything...

    Godbless us!


  10. AMEN :)) love yer post so so much :D
    yep, prayer is the only thing that make us feel that god is always beside us :D

  11. My prayer is just silence. I just feel his presence in me and remember that he is also present in others.

  12. i have edited my post..and now im encouraging you to join a lil contest of mine..just a bit of a guessing game with a valentine award as prize~! :P check it out^_^

  13. A pleasure to read after a week of mind-draining examinations.... i agree to what you've said in this post... it's very relieving and uplifting... I enjoyed the read.. thanks!!!:D

    Good day!!!:)


  14. Wow! So deep ang post mo Fiel. Ur right though, minsan hingi n lng tayo ng hingi and when He gives us what we ask, we forget to thank Him... Saka na naman mag-pray pag may hihingin ulit...

    Sensya na ngayon lng ako nkabisita kasi busy ako lately... lapit na kasi bday ng bunso ko...


  15. Tama. Pray, it really works.

    Keep the faith burning.

    Spread Love, Spread His word.

  16. Nice Entry! I'm grateful for the power of prayer..