Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti Disaster Relief - How you can help

As you've probably heard by now, a massive earthquake hit Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, causing tremendous devastation in an already impoverished country. It's hard not to feel helpless in the face of all this suffering. However, you can make a very real difference by supporting the aid organizations that are hard at work in the Haitian relief effort.

One of the best ways to donate any financial aid is through the American Red Cross. You can go directly to their website which is: http://www.redcross.org.


Then -Select "Haiti Relief and Development" from the list (as of this writing it's the second one down) and hit Continue.



Can't donate money? Donate rice -- for free!

The World Food Programme has a sister support site that most of you probably know about. FreeRice is helping to support the victims of the Haitian earthquake by donating rice. Though the website and its donations are not strictly Haitian, I'm positive that much of the rice donated in the coming days will be going toward Haiti and the surrounding areas.

And you can help by just playing the game. For every vocabulary word you answer correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated toward the cause. There are also other subjects, such as languages, basic algebra and multiplication, English grammar, and geography. Just click the 'Change Subject' link to choose a new subject!

The best part is, the game is completely free for you to play, and you can give as much or as little as you like. Every little bit helps, especially in a time like this.

The Hunger Site is another way you can help. By clicking one little button every day, money and resources will go to help Haitian victims. One click -- how easy does it get?

FreePoverty is a website similar to FreeRice, where you can play a geography game to donate cups of water. The closer you are to the target, the more cups you can donate!

So just because you can't give money doesn't mean you can't help! Help now and save millions of lives.

And if you are a blogger, I do encourage you to join Bloggers Unite for Haiti. It's primary goal is to share information about this disaster and how people around the world can provide aid to ongoing relief efforts.


  1. awww...ambait mu naman na magpost about sa haiti tragedy.. :}

    nga pal..may award k asaken..pakikuha na lang..saka sana mabashin mu yung dulang pinost ko>_< minsan lang ako magpost ng tagalog sa blog ko eh hahaha :P

  2. cge.papalitan ko na ung title ko ha?^^

  3. Pray na lang po sa atin para sa mga tao sa Haiti lalong lalo na sa mga Pinoy na nakasama dun... :)

  4. :P nayahaha..ako pala nakauna magcomment :) achievement :P

    yung sa award nga pala..kaylangan mu gawen yung sa instructions at ishare sa 5 tao yung award :)

  5. God bless the people of haiti!

    napanood ko ung mga rescue operations sa aljazeera network ng dubai....

    kawawa talaga...let us pray for them....

  6. So nice of you to post about the earthquake victims in Haiti Fiel... God bless you for that...


  7. @fiel-kun: yep..attorney na sya..kasi yung scene 1 and 2 presnt yun..yung three ata yung simula ng flashback..hehe..tom. ko ipopost yung kasunod..sana abangan mu :) maraming salamat~!^_^

  8. it is hilarious catastrophe.... And i know it is somehow a punishment for us. But anyway, we need to make our faith stronger and stronger so that when those things happen again, we will be able to coped it all, and we can be more optimistic that God is helpful and He love us!

  9. parekoy di ko alam may giningtuang(tama ba spelling ko?) puso ka... ipag pray ko na lang sila siguro

  10. ay meron ako.dlawa pingkukuhaan ko. isa sa main site ng naruto. ang narutoverse.blogspot.com <<biruin mo blogger?haha.official website nla yan. then ung isa, kung alam mo mag grab ng mga videos, punta ka d2. narutoget.com

  11. God bless the people over there and hope they get enough help.

    By the way, what type of fan are you? You can pick various and comment:

    Wrote a new entry if you would like to comment on: http://nynyonline.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/check-out-matsushita-yuya

  12. Thanks for all your support guys ^_^

    Please continue on praying and sending donations to our fellow brother and sisters in Haiti.

  13. after 2 weeks saka lang nag-sink sakin kung ganu katindi ang problema sa haiti. Prior to the catastrophe ang laki na ng economic woes ng haiti. I cant imagine how they will come out with this one without the help of the world.....

  14. hmm, watta unfortunate event. tsk. good thing people around the world is helping. wish i could help too :/

  15. UU nga! let us unite to help... the good thing is that people worldwide is continuously helping those in need...

  16. Better to donate on those recognized charitable institutions. May mga grupo kac n nagpapaganggap at ginagamit ang Haiti tragedy...


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