Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Layout! / G-DRAGON and 2NE1 CD Giveaway!

Ahh, it's the start of a brand new month. Good Heavens, look at it. It's already September - time really fly so fast. It is also the start of the "-ber" months which means Christmas is just around the corner yay! (Haha! Am I too early?) Anyways, since it's the beginning of the month, I decided to change the look and feel of my goody-old-blog. I found this really neat template while surfing around the net and I just thought to play a bit with the codings and tadah here is the finish product. What do you think eh? ^_^ One more thing though. Everytime I tried to add a new menu on the navigation at the left-hand side of my blog page, I always end up getting a "messed-up" layout. And I don't know for some weird reason it's always like that. Maybe there is something wrong with my codings? I don't know, argh! lols. Any tips guys? I'm not really an "expert" on this department.

+ Contest: G-Dragon and 2NE1 CD Giveaway! +

Calling all KPOP fans out there! If you are a huge fan of G-Dragon and 2NE1 this is now your chance to grab a free copy of their CD. AA-chan, a friend and a fellow blogger is currently holding a contest on his blog and he is giving away four original copies of G-Dragon's latest album entitled "Heartbreaker" and one copy of 2NE1's latest CD for the runner-up. Here's what you have to do. Simply click the contest banner below and you will be directed to the proper contest page. Read and follow carefully the contest's rules and guidelines. Goodluck!


  1. Thanks a lot for the promotion :D

  2. That's also my problem now in my layout. I dunno what is the solution for that. So, I just put the other stuff I want under one div style code.

    BTW, nice layout. More matured than the previos one. :)

  3. ^_^ oh, thanks for the info. i want a CD!

  4. Yeah, I like the new layout. It looks really good.

    I'm entering the contest too with a dance cover of Heartbreaker/Breathe chorus dance cover. Apparently, the deadline is September 30th!

  5. your layout is nice and clean <3 it really suits you too fiel-kun! maybe i can help you out with coding as well xD though i am now working on a fanfic/oneshot website so i am in the zone with coding lol!

    hehehhee heartbreaker cd giveaway <3 did you see the inkigayo performance already?! >3

  6. @AA-chan - no problem dude. my pleasure to help you ^_^

    @Grace - salamat sa comments. yeah I think I will stick to this one much longer :)

    @Nagi - yay thanks for visiting! I want the CDs too but I don't have any talents in video editing or graphics making though >_<

    @Nyny - Yay! thanks for your comments too and goodluck on your entry ^_^

    @Chloe - thanks for offering a helping hand. I will tag you on your blog when I needed it ok?

  7. Arigato, fiel-kun! ^_^