Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's up?

Ahoy! Did somebody missed me? Well I think not haha ^_^ Pasensya na mga mare at parekoy for my long absence. May sinubukan lang kasi akong online game kaya ayun medyo nalihis ako ng landas haha. "Wait pre, anu yung game, anu yung title ng game"? okay, okay eto na! The title of the game is called "Canaan Online" It is a free, browser-based, full Flash MMORPG set in a Manga-fantasy universe. Create your character choosing among 4 unique classes (Warrior, Ranger, Mage or Priest) and come meet new friends! No download and no subscription required. You can play it in your internet browser anytime, anywhere! Being a gamer myself, hindi ko mapapalampas ang pagkakataon na ito upang subukan ang bagong genre ng online gaming na tulad nito.

Currently, I am a level 33 Priest. My Build: Spr (3), Con(1)

And what makes this game more appealing is their unique "Pet System". Engaging in a battle to gain experience points for your character is not enough without the help of your trusted and faithful allies, your pets! You are allowed to catch a maximum of 4 pets at a time. But only 3 pets are allowed to help you in your battle. There are 4 Pets Statuses available: You could either put your pet in "Attack Mode", "Defence Mode", "Possession Mode" and "Rest Mode".

Attack Mode: This is the pet you carry inside a battle. Your pet will help you in your battle.
Defence Mode: A certain amount of the Pet's health will be added to your character.
Possession Mode: A certain amount of the Pet's stats will be added to your character based on the ratio of happiness between the pet and the player.
Rest Mode: Pet will rest and wont do anything.

There are lots of available monster in game for you to catch and it depends on your character's build and job on which monster you'd like to have for a pet.

Battle Screenshot (image clickable)

The battle system is turn-based. But you can always swith to Manual or Auto fight mode if you like.

(Dapat bayaran ako ng Gpotato Eu for this free pluggings lols XD)


  1. i havent watched the canaan anime but i think its really popular in the otaku world..i dont play OL games but this is a n interesting one :)

  2. Napaghahalataan na adik gamer ka parekoy. :-P

  3. kaya pala..may iba ka palang kinahiligan..

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  5. kaya pala..biblical ata ang game na yan ah..Canaan hehe...talagang ayaw ko na mag MMORPG...nakakaadik kasi..dati nagSilkroad ako..muntik nakong inde mahinto...haha......blog ka na lang muna! haha

  6. Ako, I missed you, guys. Im back na. :) Please relink me.

  7. @Ayu-chan:
    I haven't watched the Anime version as well. Maybe one of these days, panonoorin ko sya. In the meantime, laro muna ako XD

    Hahaha, hindi naman. Slight lang XD

    Pasensya na parekoy, medyo naadik ako sa game na toh hehe... pero may nakaready na ulit akong bagong entry hehe.

    Yup, Canaan is a biblical term, sa Hebrew it means "being humble and low" yata... something like that. Huwaw, online gamer ka rin pala. XD

    Whee!!! welcome back!!! done relinking you! ^_^

  8. at kaya naman pala.me ibang kinahuhumalingan---change of heart---hehe.nice to have you back

  9. im really not into online games ... the only one that i played is Flyff... but i have heard about this already... thanks for giving us some info

  10. by the way fiel kun i would like to invite you to my blog idol season 3 and be one of the participants, it would be great to have you in the game
    here's the link
    Blog Idol Invitation

    happy blogging hope you can join

  11. @pusang kalye:
    Haha, medyo pampalipas oras lang naman tong game hehe. ^^

    Huwaw, naglalaro din ako ng FLYFF! umm what server ka and job mo? and yeah sure, sali ako sa blog idol mu. Mukhang masaya yan ah XD

  12. naku mukang maganda to kaso bobo ako sa mga ol games..wahahaha

  13. ma-try nga yan! Naku pag naging adik ako mas lalong d ako mkakapag update ng blog ko hehehehe....


  14. @superjaid:
    Hello Jaid ^_^ ngek, wala namang bobo sa paglalaro... sa simula talaga mangangapa ka muna pero di maglalaon magagamay mo da na din ang isang laro and parang kumakain ka na lang ng mani while playing hehe. Glad you dropped by!

    Hehe, try mong laruin parekoy. Enjoy yan... sa browser lang yan, wala ka nang idadownload na client. XD

    eto pala website nyan:

  15. http://en.canaan.gpotato.eu

    pala... sowee mali yung sa taas ^_^

  16. hi fiel kun... about the blog idol, actually hindi sya singing competition, you just have to submit 9 song titles to me and that's it, you're done with your part...
    you can sign up here http://blogidol09.blogspot.com/2010/04/welcome-to-blog-idol-2010.html
    nothing wrong in trying ika nga nila hehe
    hope to see you there...
    will look forward to it..

    have a great day and happy blogging

  17. about sa Flyff, Bubble and server ko pero may account din ako sa Iblis...
    Blade yung job ko sa bubble while s Iblis, acrobat pa lang heheh nagpokus kasi ako sa bubble

  18. @bluedreamer:
    umm, ok! akala ko kase kailangan isubmit yung boses ko mismo lols. Cge try kong magsubmit ng songs ^^

    Waah, bubble server din ako and I have level 90 Blade :)

  19. `nakakaadik yang game n yan :)
    PET FOREST title nyan sa FB dba ?
    tpos ang cute nung pet nla ..
    BABOY .. heheh :)) kaso level 8 plang ako .. :(

  20. It looks good and REALLY cute.

    By the way, I am back. Was stranded on holiday.

  21. HahahA! Natry ko toh! Sa Facebook, kamuka pala sya ng Pet Forest Online, or should I say, PAREHAS sila.? Wew. pero mas nagustuhan ko ung sa Canaan Online, at least walang server-server-ek-ek na yan...