Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The voices behind... (BOF pinoy voice dubbers)

Ever wondering who are the mysterious and magical voices behind our well-loved Tagalog dubbed Boys Over Flowers characters? Well here they are! The elite circle of gifted Filipino voice talents.

Owen Caling
She is the voice behind Geum Jan Di's bubbly and energetic character.
She has also dubbed various anime characters like Sophie of Yakitate Japan!, Rei Saotome of Yu-Gi-Yoh! Duel Monster GX, and Princess Red bomb of Bidaman Bakugaiden V.

AJ Constantino
He is the voice behind F4's leader Gu Jun Pyo.
He has also dubbed various anime characters like Tak Carter of D.I.C.E,
Kouji Minamoto of Digimon Frontier and Gear of Fortune Quest L.

Jeff Tam

He is the calm voice of Yoon Ji Hoo.
An Actor/comedienne/impersonator. I've seen him guesting in various local tv programs and gag shows. At first, I never thought he was the voice behind the serious and gentle Ji Hoo until I saw his pic and I was like "whoa!" I know this guy! haha!

Christian Alvear
28 years old / Taguig, Manila

He is the cute and squeaky voice of Kang San (Jan Di's little brother)
He was also a former Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 scholar.
He has also dubbed various anime characters like Nobita of Doraemon, Shaoran Li of Card Captor Sakura, Paul/Andre of Dog of Flanders, Rantaro of Nintama Rantarou and many more.

The other casts...

(from left to right)
Kiwi Soriano: as So Yi Jeong
Jeff Tam: as Yoon Ji Hoo
Alfred Labatos: as Song Woo Bin
AJ Constantino: as Gu Jun Pyo
Owen Caling: Geum Jan Di
Christian Alvear: as Geum Kang San
Hazel Hernan
: as Chu Ga Eul/Gaile

I would like to thank Miss Owen Caling for giving me her permission to use some of her pic along with the other dubbers from her friendster account. Komamoyo Noona!


  1. it's good that you're promoting the talents of our countrymen! coolness!

  2. how to become like them?,, I really want,, :)

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  15. sana meron ka man lng video ng while they dubbed those characters in bof dito.

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