Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm back! (Same old brand new me)

Finally, after months of serious thinking I was able to convince myself to return blogging once again. Yay! *did I hear hands clapping?* Good! Well this isn't only my personal decision why I have returned. Two of my close blog/internet pals namely Chester and Eiji insisted that I should return on writing a blog. At first I was kinda hesitant because I didn't know exactly on where and how to start again after loosing my interest on my first blog some two years ago. But thanks to these two "mongrels" *evil grin* half of the blame should be on them and half should be blame on my stubborn head. lols.

I was known before as "kawaii-fiel" on my goody old blog. And from now on I will go by the name "fiel-kun". I am a huge anime fan, obviously I love using Japanese words as part of my name. ("kawaii" - means cute; "-kun" - is use to address a male person).

Well I write blog mainly as a personal hobby and as much as possible I don't want to get too serious on most of my entries. I want it to be light, not too serious, and fun for my readers (as if there's any haha) I love writing about random stuffs that interests me and catches my own personal taste. I will also be writing this blog using the english language but you can still see me writing in tagalog on days to come.

Lastly, I really love to hear something from you. I welcome any types of violent/non-violent reactions/comments: Tagalog, English, Korean, Japanese, so be it! My comment box is always open and waiting for you! Thanks ^__^
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  1. ayan maging number one fan mo na ako nito lol hahaha