Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random thoughts

Argh! I hate being sick. I was really feeling unwell over the weekends. With colds, cough, headache and fever, I was stuck all day inside my room and couldn't do the things that I wanted to do online. I had clogged nose, runny nose, coughs and chills since Sunday morning. And it got worst by Monday. Finally, when Tuesday turned in and with the help of some over the counter medicines, I felt a lot better and now here I am, Nag-aadik na naman! ahaha *cough*

Alrighty, we've been having a wet and very stormy week due to Typhoon Gener. Many places over the Metro and nearby provinces were already submerged into flood waters.

This is what Roxas Boulevard in Manila looks like this morning.

Also, I've been having a very sluggish internet connection these past few days because of this bad weather condition.  I am using a Broadband Internet service and this is usually their problem when stuffs like typhoon and any other weather disturbances visits our country. To my blog pals, I'm so sorry for not visiting you guys lately. Don't worry I will make it up with you when my internet connection gets better, hopefully soon. If you could only see how I struggled hard in making this post with a 75+ Kbps connection lols ^__^

Don't forget to support our Philippine Team for the London Olympics 2012. Fight, Team Philippines!


  1. pagaling ka. grabe yung baha sa roxas.

  2. Pareho tayo, may ubo't sipon! Sobrang sagabal sa trabaho! Hay!

    Go team Philippines! ヅ

    P.S. You may want to visit our blog & we'd love it more if we follow each other! ヅ


  3. siguro magaling ka na ngayon.....madali talaga mag baha diyan..

  4. grabe talag yung panahon ngayon halos di na matapos yung pagulan... bumaha rin ng husto dito sa amin... malapit kasi kami sa noveleta cavite... yung binalita sa TV...

    anyway, I wish all the best din sa mga kababayan natin.. manalo matalo... we're still proud of you

  5. @Olivr - Thanks buddy!

    @Jaid - salamat and mabuti-buti na ang pakiramdam ko. May konting ubo na lang.

    @Umi - Salamat!

    @Wrey and Roby - Salamat po for visiting and yeah, dahil siguro sa panahon yan kaya uso ang sakit. Followed you na po.

    @Arvin - maayos ayos na ako ngayon parekoy. mejo may konting ubo pa.

    @Bluedreamer - uu napanood ko sa news yung mga bahay na sinira ng storm surge. musta na kayo jan parekoy?

  6. Thanks for your prompt response Fiel! ヅ
    Glad to follow you back thru GFC#111.

    Wanna exchange blog links too?

  7. Flood is always an issue. Hope you'll get well soon!

  8. get well soon fiel kun.

    sabi ng pag-asa wala daw bagyo ngayon, nakaalis na si gener then wala pa si helen, pero baha na at walang tigil ang ulan. :/

  9. We didn't get any medal but I'm sure they all fought a good fight. Just more preparation, I suppose. ☺