Friday, June 11, 2010


As a promise to pareng Jhieghz, here is my Tagged response to his entry last week. Thanks for tagging me man! Alrighty, time to have some fun!

1.) Copy tag to your own notes and start modifying it.
2.) Omit existing answers.
3.) Write your answers and tag as many as you want.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up. If the person before you had the same initial, you MUST have different answers, strictly NO carbon copy in that case. You cannot use any words twice. You cannot use your name for the boy and girl's name questions.

Questions and Answers
1.) What is your name: Fiel
2.) A four letter word: Food
3.) A boy's name: Fernando
4.) A girl's name: Felicity
5.) An occupation: Farmer
6.) A color: Fuchsia
7.) Something you wear: Fleece
8.) A food: Flan
9.) Something found in the bathroom: Face Towel
10.) A country: France
11.) A reason for being late: Feeding my pet cat
12.) Something you shout: Fool!
13.) A movie title: Final Fantasy: Advent Children
14.) Something you drink: Fruit Juice
15.) A musical group: Foo Fighters
16.) An animal: Fox
17.) A street name: Fort Road
18.) A type of car: Ferrari
19.) An internet site/blogsite: Fiel-kun.blogspot.com
20.) A song: Faithfully
21.) A President's name: Fidel V. Ramos
22.) A cartoon character: Flounder (The Little Mermaid)
23.) Name of School: Far Eastern University (FEU)
24.) A sport: Formula One Grand Prix
25.) A Latin word: Fortis, meaning strong or brave

Now, I'm done with my part. I would like to pass this tag to the following:
Ahmer, Arvin, Ayu-chan, Bluedreamer27, Cheen, Ice, Ishmael, Jag-kun, Mr. Night Crawler, Paola, Pusang Kalye, Raft3r, Random Student, Sasarai, Sendo, Stevevhan, SuperJaid, Tim, WindowLad, Xprosaic

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our 112th Independence Day. Dont forget to put up a Philippine Flag outside your homes.

"What good will independence do to us if we will not be able to maintain that independence to provide people peace, happiness and prosperity they so well deserve..."
Sergio Osmena


  1. eh..?? talagang tinag ako eh nu!! ang hirap naman neto..>.<

    hehehe ^^

  2. Hehe
    gumagawa ka pala ng tags

  3. hehehehehe.. naku, nasali ako ah.. tama si ayu, ang hirap.. ako po ay nag aaral pa kung panu na maging maganda ang pag sulat ng akin.. kumutsa na parekoy?

  4. Hello friend :)

    Isa ka sa mga napili ko for TOP 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2010!

    Congrats in advance and I am hoping that you will continue blogging... Hehe :)

    Goodluck! Sana makapasok ka sa overall Top 10...

    I am hoping to see you rin sa awards night :)

  5. @Ayu-chan:
    Waah, madali lang yan promise XD

    Naku, copy and paste lang yang tag... bale tinag din ako ng isa kong blog friends ^^

    Waah, madali lang talaga yan parekoy! ako nga within 30 mins tapos ko na sya eh... saka nanjan naman si pareng google para umalalay haha XD

    Mabuhay ang Lahing Pilipino!

    Wuy salamat parekoy! will check it out after this.

  6. Thanks sa pagsagot ng tag! Happy Independence Day too parekoi!

  7. thanks kuya! i love itt. ganda nmn neto. keke. excited na aco maganswer xD

  8. ay..wala naman ako rito eh haha

  9. Naloka lang ako ng konti kasi ito na naman yung same tag na yan, pero ok lang kasi HANDA na akong sagutan nung oras na yun. :PP

  10. Naks! salamat sa pag tag sa akin ah... kaso dumugo na pati ulo ko sa kakaisip ng mga sagot na nagsisimula sa letter X sa mga tanong na gaya niyan... ahahahahhahahaha

  11. haha... kawawa naman si xprosaic. wahaha. salamat sa pag-tag arekoy. uumpisahan ko pag nakaluwag na ako at di na tinamad. nyahaha. ayos :P

  12. Parekoy! Salamat ah. Pero parang ang hirap nito. Talagang todo piga ang utak ko nito. Hehe...pero I will give it my beast try.

  13. @jhieghz:
    no prob parekoy XD

    I am looking forward to it :D

    You're name is already included on the list :)

    Haha, wala ka na talagang kawala. XD

  14. @Xprosaic:
    Waah, uu nga sa letter "X" nga pala ang start ng name mu... umm, pwede naman yung real name mo parekoy... XD

    @Mr. NightCrawler:
    Sure parekoy... will look forward to it.

    Waah, madali lng yan... pag nahirapan, nanjan naman si pareng google hehe XD

  15. haha ayan hahahaha..nag-iinarte pa talaga ano haha

  16. hello, I am very honored that I have been tagged. salamat ng marami. hope you understand though kung di ko magagawa to sa blog ko for the reason that I have never done it before....I think you get what I mean. hehe. sowi sowi. salamat sa honor....

  17. nyahaha
    nandamay pa
    i don't do tags, eh
    pano yan?
    bawi na lang ako sa ibang paraan, ha
    masipag akong mag-comment
    alam mo yan

  18. Oh, what a nice tag... thanks for tagging me... and yeah, i must agree with ayu... it's really tough... 'K' p nmn start ng name q... jejeje!!!(T_T)

  19. Oo na, wala na.. as in wala na akong itatakas, kundi ang kawalan ng pagkakataong tumakas! ^^