Monday, August 10, 2009


I must admit it, I am addicted in listening to a lot of KPOP. So what exactly is "KPOP"? Well KPOP means "Korean Pop Music". And why am I so into it? The answer is pretty simple - because of it's catchy beat/melody and there's something at the back of my head urging me to be unique from others by listening to this kind of music. Actually it has been my hobby for several years now. At first, I am only glued in listening to JPOP/JROCK (Japanese Pop/Rock music) and Anime soundtracks. And then came this online game called "O2 JAM". I tried playing it and I became hooked at it. On this game I first heard some of the catchy Korean tunes which has also became my first favorites. [ Fly Magpie, Christmas Memories, Beautiful Day, Color Paradise, Song for You, Still Remember You, You were born to be loved ]were some of my favorites O2 Jam tunes. Then after a year or so, it was followed by the release of another cool musical online game (also from Korea) called Dance Battle Audition. This game has a wider selection of KPOP music on their list and has a cute graphics too. [ Aloha, Summer Drive, Gloomy March, Winter Story, Couple, Tonight, Not Alone ] were my top favorite DBA tunes. These two games was the one responsible why I am soo hooked into the world of KPOP right now.

And now, KPOP is currently dominating the Philippine music scene. 2NE1, Super Juniors and Wonder Girls were only among the few Korean group who are already making their marks here. I first saw 2NE1's "Fire" and Wonder Girl's "Nobody" music videos on MYX Daily Top 10 over two months ago and I was like "Wow, these girls are super cute and their songs are hippie! Not to mention one of 2NE1's member - Sandara Park. If you are a Filipino you'll definitely know who she is. The "Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas". lols. We are so proud of you Sandy/Dara.

2NE1, Wonder Girls, Boa, DBSK, Kara, SS501,T-Max, Shinee, Shinhwa, After School Girls are some of my favorite Korean group/singers. How I wish they could also make it all here ^_^


  1. i so lurve kpop! wtg for dara for making it! but it still wondergirls for me, and maybe girls gen, hehe.

    im such a kpop fan, starting with their movies and telenovelas, so refreshing and cool. ^_^

  2. You're right about that. K-pop is so addicting, I have to say it's better than J-Pop or C-Pop which I listened to before.

    Maybe because J-Pop's scene are:
    Electropop, Dance-Pop, Rock, Pop Punk, Trance, Disco

    And K-Pop is more:
    Pop, R&B, Urban, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Dance-Pop.

  3. hulaan ko ring tone mo...

    yung kantang nakaka LSS na, na pati bata eh sinasabayan at sinasayawan pag naruiriniog.

    Iwant noboby...nobody but you!

  4. I. too, love KPOP! :)

    parang mas naging okay yung katwan jan ni sandara. medyo nagkalaman. :)

    I like her!

  5. K-Pop started for me back in college when TVXQ did the song for the World Cup. I listened to it by chance and that was it. I haven't looked back since :P

  6. Iwant your boby...your body not you! hahaha Wow dame nagcocoment dito:D

  7. I started loving KPop during SES, Jang Nara's time.. keke.. I was young then, probably in grade school. I'd watch for them in Channel V or Arirang.

    Now hallyu wave is here, everyone wants to take a ride.

  8. I love KPop too! My addiction started when korenovelas and korean music isn't that popular yet in the country. Maybe because I can understand their language as well. hehe. You should listening to Wax and TVXQ's songs too!

  9. fieeeeeeeeeeeel~ omg kpop! haha xD balak kong magcomment sa new entry mo kaso i saw this post :)))) just by seeing "kpop" naexcite ako bigla lol :))))
    you know naman how much im into kpop, right? well, so into suju! HAHAHA :)) kaya i super super love this post, i saw "super junior!" lol :)))
    i super agree with you, kpop has the catchy beat kaya kahit hindi maintindihan yung lyrics without looking for subs still nagugustuhan ng tao. :)) plus they love colorful clothes! at aminin natin, hardcore ang kagwapuhan at kagandahan nila~ :)))
    boys look feminine i don't know for me as a girl, it's such a turn on~ HAHAHA :))) look at Heechul urgh ~ :))
    then si amber kahit babae, ang gwapong nilalang~ OMG :)))
    jpop/jrock too~ :))) ewan ko ba hihi pero mas okay pa talaga yung mga kantang hindi ko naiintidihan! lol v^^.

    and O2jam!!! yaay~ aside from ragna i did play the game too :">
    the national anthem~ fly magpie yay!

    at ang daldal ko~ kpop kase lol :)))